Mount Diablo at Springtime

Friday, April 15, 2011

Here's yet another Diablo ride!
Meeting place: Heather Farms in Walnut Creek.

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Fabulous views can be seen by heading up South Gate Rd; lush green fields, wildflowers and more.

Rock City and the Junction Ranger Station.

More stunning views heading up to the summit, 4.5 miles.

Views from the summit, absolutely spectacular even under hazy skies!

Thanks to everyone for joining me for yet another climb up Diablo!

12 people in attendance

Original route: 38 miles with 4044' of elevation gain
Extended route: 53 miles with 4506' of elevation gain

Weather: Fantastic! Sunny, warm and breezy. Temps ranged from the mid 60's to mid 70's.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PUSH ON-KEEP MOVING!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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