Mount Diablo via South Gate Rd

Friday, May 21, 2010

I lead this ride up Diablo starting from Heather Farm in Walnut Creek. We take the Canal & Iron Horse Trails to Danville Blvd and continue on Stone Valley, Green Valley and Diablo Rd. Taking the "hole in the fence" allows us to bypass the bad pavement on Mt Diablo Scenic Blvd. We climb South Gate Rd to the junction and continue up to the summit. Return via North Gate Rd.

Mt Diablo stands 3849' tall. The climbing is great with good pavement and little traffic on a weekday. South Gate Rd is 7 miles with an average gradient of 4.5%. Water and restrooms are available at the junction/Ranger Station. The climb up Summit Rd is an additional 4.6 miles with the average gradient increasing to 7%. The views are fantastic and makes you realize how much work you've done already. The road eases up for about a mile before you reach the last 200 yards aka, "the wall" to the summit. This stretch hits a max gradient of 18%. The descent down North Gate Rd is 7.8 miles long.

38 miles with 3969' of elevation gain.

12 riders in attendance

Weather: Cloudy skies, temps at the summit 43, winds 20+mph

*Photos may be enlarged by clcking on the selected images.

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